Ruth M. Bobo Fund

     Mrs. Bobo taught at Claremont High School for 38 years.  Unfortunately, she now suffers from a range of health issues necessitating 24 hour in home living assistance.   Mrs. Bobo is living on a fixed income insufficient to cover the cost of this in home care.  If we don't help Mrs. Bobo make up her income deficit she will be forced to leave the Claremont home she has lived in for over forty years and move into a care facility, long before she is ready or there is any necessity for doing so.

     Our goal is to raise $72,000 to keep Mrs. Bobo in her home for five more years through her 80th birthday.  Funds donated will supplement Mrs. Bobo's income to help pay for the $4,800 monthly cost of 24-hour care and medication.  Donations will be deposited into a special account, the Ruth M. Bobo Fund, at the Bank of America in Claremont, CA. All donations are considered gifts of money to Mrs. Bobo and, as such, are not tax deductible.  If any donated money goes unused, or if we raise more than needed, we would like to establish a philanthropic fund in Mrs. Bobo’s name, guided by Claremont High School students, benefiting charitable organizations in our community. 

     If everyone who knows Mrs. Bobo takes just a moment to donate, even a modest amount, we would easily reach our goal.  Once you have donated, help us spread the word by forwarding the link to this website to everyone you know in our extended Claremont High School community, and post the link to your Facebook or other social media account.  It is up to us to help Save Mrs. Bobo!  Please donate  now.  You can also help Mrs. Bobo by doing your shopping at local area businesses that have agreed to donate a percentage of every sale to Mrs. Bobo's fund whenever a customer mentions Mrs. Bobo at the time off purchase.  To find a list of participating businesses please visit our "Shop!" page.  Thank you!

Please shop!

Please Donate!

Events and Programs

Attention Claremont Businesses!  We need your help to save Mrs. Bobo!  

We are asking Claremont businesses to donate  a percentage of  sales, determiend by the business owner, to the Ruth M. Bobo Fund whenever a customer mentiones Mrs. Bobo at the time of purchase.  

Free Advertising, Customer Loyalty, and Partnership Opportunity

We will put your company name, log, product description and a link to your webstie orloaction on our website "Shop" page.
We'll send Mrs. Bobo's supporters your way to do their shopping, and, in return, we hope you might donate a percentage of sales in which the customers mention Mrs. Bobo to the Ruth M. Bobo Fund.

A donation of 10-15%, to be determined by the participating business, will then be reserved for the Ruth M. Bobo Fund.

The "Save Mrs. Bobo!" Campaign website receives significant traffic, and our events are often promoted by local publications such as the Claremont Courier and Inland Daily Bulletin, reaching thousands of readers. Additionally a large network of social media sites, such as various CHS class pages and personal social media networks.

We suggest participating businesses put aside a copy of each relevant sales receipt, and then on a periodic basis, at the convenience of the business owners, tally up these receipts and make the appropriate donation the Ruth M. Bobo Fund via our website donate page or by check, perhaps adding a note indicating the donating business and period in which sales were made. 

Information on each business will be incorporated into our "Shop!" page, which you can view in advance at

Business and professionals interested in participating are invited to contact the program coordinator, Arin Allen, at

Thank you for your support,

The Save Mrs. Bobo Team

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