Ruth M. Bobo Fund

     Sadly, on June 7th Mrs. Bobo passed away peacefully.  Her last request regarding our fundraising campaign was to thank everyone for all the support from the community.  The donations, well wishes, and the opportunity to re-connect with all her beloved former students and friends, brought great joy and positive energy into Mrs. Bobo's life over this past year.  Thank you Mrs. Bobo for your many years of service to our community, and for inspiring us all and enriching our lives!  If you would like to express your sympathies directly, family contact information can be found on our contact page.  

     The Claremont Courier has provided a beautiful tribute to Mrs. Bobo which can be read via the link below.  You are also welcome to read more about Mrs. Bobo here on our Biography page.  

Thank you sincerely,

The Save Mrs. Bobo campaign team!  

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